Collect and analyze customer feedback

Build better products by better understanding what your customers really want.

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Collect feedback from within your product

Use the dislyze SDK to collect feedback from within your web app.

Easy setup.
Use our pre built widget to get set up quickly.
Fully customizable.
Build your own custom solution to collect feedback.
Send custom data.
Send your customer data to segment your feedback in dislyze.
dislyze SDK widget

Segment your feedback

Segment your feedback by metrics like industry, company size, or any custom metric you want.

Filter by advanced conditions.
Combine your custom metrics with 'and' and 'or' conditions.
Save segments.
Save segments for easy filtering.
Segment by company or user.
View your feedback by individual company or user.
filter functionality

Import your existing feedback

Bulk import your existing data into dislyze.

Import companies.
Include your custom data.
Import users.
Link them to their companies.
Import feedback.
Link it to your users and companies.
import feedback functionality

Get started for $30/month

Simple pricing. $30/month for up to 5 users. Then $6/month per additional user.

What's included

  • Track companies and users
  • Collect feedback from your web app
  • Track custom data
  • CSV import existing data
  • Advanced filters
  • Save segments

Starting from

$30 USD/month

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